Vipak – producer of pre-stretch, stretch and heat-shrink film

The Vipak company is a well-known and reputable manufacturer in the packaging industry. The company has been operating on the Polish and European market for over 20 years. We offer stretch and pre-stretch foils, food foil, transparent PVC foils and polyolefin, strapping tapes (polypropylene and metal), self-adhesive tapes (also with print), polyethylene shrink wraps, and also packaging machines and equipment as well as agricultural products (for example silage films and bale nets).

For suppliers

Are you interested in cooperation as a supplier? Please, send us your offer and if we are interested, we will get back to you.

For customers

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In both cases we prefer e-mail contact. Please send your inquiry to the following e-mail address:

VIPAK Sp. z o.o.
63-200 Jarocin
ul. Zaciszna 6a

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 07:30 – 15:00

tel. +48 62 747 22 97
tel./fax +48 62 747 26 94 extension number: 14


NIP: 617-10-05-444
REGON: 250472395